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Mass Effect: Andromeda To Release In March

This Mass Effect is taking the route that Resident Evil 3 did; their space journey began during the events of Mass Effect 2 but takes place 600 years in the future once they reach their destination, which I am assuming is the Andromeda Galaxy. You get to build your protagonist as usual; however, this time you have Dad around to help you. Your father is Alec Ryder who was an N7 Pathfinder whose task is to discover new planets for Humans to colonize. The name of your ship is not as epic as the Normandy, but this time you will be aboard the Tempest.

Personally I’m excited for this title. I remember back in 2007 when the first entry to the series was released and I was a tad nervous about it. Bioware was just coming off their success from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and to a lesser degree Jade Empire. I was disappointed that their next game was not a sequel to their Star Wars title, but instead an entirely new franchise. My fears, of course, were put to rest once I really got going in the series and since then I’ve been looking forward to every entry since, even if we did get burned by 3’s ending.

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